Other Payment​

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Other Payment​

Create Other Payment​


  1. In the left navigation menu, select other payment from Accounts.
  2. Click “+Add Other payment” to add new payments.
  3. Complete the make payment form.
  4. Click “Save and Continue Edit” to save the payment as a draft, or click “Save and Approve” to approve or click “Save and Pending” to mark the payment as pending and enter a new payment or click “Save and New” to record a new payment and save the previous one or click “Save and Close” to close the payment and save the payment in draft status.

Create Other Payment

Header Fields:

  • Other Contact: Enter the name of the contact you would like to do a payment for. If you enter a name that’s not already a contact, Splendid Account adds it to your contact list.
  • Account: Select Account in which you want to record the collection of a a particular contact.
  • Date: This is set as default to the current date. You can change this also.
  • Number: Use Splendid Accounts default numbering sequence or you can add your number sequence by clicking on number code and then a “+ “sign
  • Reference: Choose a reference to suit your company. Later, you may want to search for your payment using your chosen reference.
  • Master Group: This field appears only if you have enabled Groups. Groups let you customize the payment in many ways.
  • Currency: If you have a Business Edition plan with multi-currency, you can select a foreign currency contact that you’ve already added, you can edit the exchange rate if required. If you entered a default currency contact , it automatically displays.
  • Exchange Rate: This field will display if you select a contact of such currency that is different from your company’s currency so that you have to provide an exchange rate for the particular contact .

Line Item Fields:

  • Payment mode: Select the payment mode by which you have to do payment from your contact . Different payment modes could be selected against a single contact .
  • Accounts: Must be mandatory to select your accounts against payment mode in which account you would receive payment from your contact .
  • Document Number: Entered the document number for record of your account. Must be mandatory to enter the draft number against Cheque, Draft, and Direct Deposit payments.
  • Detail Group A: This field appears only if you have enabled Groups. Groups let you customize the payments in many ways.
  • Detail Group B: This field appears only if you have enabled Groups. Groups let you customize the payments in many ways.
  • Amount: Enter the amount you have to collect from your contact . He can either pay the full amount or partial amount accordingly

Account adjustments


Splendid Accounts has an account adjustment (optional) field in other payment screen to adjust your expenses or extra expenses like Add shipping charges of your products or services that your contact has to pay to you.

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