More than 90% of accounting entries will be posted automatically to online accounting software. Almost zero accounting knowledge is required to run the splendid accounts. With a preloaded chart of accounts, you can manage your books of accounts easily.

Features available in Accounting software module


Easily record & monitor any type of expense transactions, associate with vendor profiles and keep running your business effectively.

Journal Generals

Accountants and business owners can record opening balances, create adjustment or correcting entries via journal entries.

Chart of Account

A pre-built chart of accounts help you set up a business very easily and quickly, you can also add as many accounts as required.

Debit Note

Create a debit note to reduce the supplier payment against discounts, damages, vendor refund or purchase returns.

Credit Notes

Create a credit note to reduce the customer payment against discounts, damages, or sales returns.

Bank Accounts

You can create and manage all your bank accounts to receive funds from customers and make vendor payments.

Bank Deposit

Deposit cash, cheque and other documents to your bank account from a single interface are very easy like never before.

Funds Transfer

You can share funds between any two accounts by using fund transfer feature of splendid accounts.


Balance Sheet

A statement of the assets, liabilities, and capital of a business as of the Selected date.

Profit and Loss

It summarizes the revenues, costs, and expenses incurred during a specified period.

Audit Log

Tracked the logs of activities performed by any user throughout the system.

Account Ledger

A ledger is a report used to display a company’s transactions against each ledger account.

Expense Report

Display business expenses sorted by cash or accounts account within a specified date range.

Credit Note Report

Credit note issued to your vendor/customer within a specified date range from a single or all Customers/vendors.

Debit Note Report

A debit note issued to your vendor/customer within a specified date range from a single or all Customers/vendors.

Trial Balance

Lists all the accounts holding either a debit balance or a credit balance contained in the ledger of a business.

Consolidated Ledger

Display the centralized transactional activities of a contact registered against the customer and vendor.

Transaction List Report

Display the detailed information of single transaction in form of journal entry in the system.

Tax Collected on Sales Report

Display the list of all taxes collected from customers against the sale of any product within a specified date range.

Tax Paid on Purchases Report

Display the list of all taxes paid to vendors against the purchase of any product within a specified date range.

Serial Product Management

Keep your inventory tracked in an organized way with serial number management after the sale.