How Document PDF’s Work

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How Document PDF’s Work


The information on a document, PDF is generated from what you’ve entered in your document.

The following information may show on your document PDF if you’ve updated your Vendor/Customer contact details and company details in Splendid Accounts.

  • Title: The default titles is Document name with your company name and Company Logo.
  • Contact Details: These details are based on Vendor/Customer information in Splendid Accounts. If you have entered the vendor/customer address, phone number, NTN and CNIC in information, it also is shown underneath the company information in PDF.
  • Logo: If you have added your company logo, it will also display in the left top corner of the PDF.
  • Dates,Proposed number, Reference: These field displays also displays in transaction document PSF’s.
  • Company address: If you have added your address, phone number, company NTN, and STN in company information under company setting will also display the right top corner of the PDF.

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