Businesses of all sizes are using online accounting software to handle their money in today’s society. Online accounting software has grown quite popular since it is so simple and convenient for people to view their financial information from any location with an internet connection. The capacity to track and manage purchase transactions is a crucial feature of online accounting software. This article will discuss how to enter a buy transaction into an online accounting programme.

A purchasing deal is what?

When a company purchases products or services from a supplier, it engages in a purchase transaction. Everything from office supplies to stock products might be included in this. A supplier issues an invoice or receipt to a company after they complete a transaction.

Adding a purchase to an online accounting programme transaction

There are a few easy procedures you must take in order to register a purchase transaction in online accounting software:

First, start a fresh purchase transaction.

Choose “New Buy Transaction” or a button that looks similar in your accounting software’s purchase transactions area. By doing so, a new form will come up for you to fill out with transaction information.

Step 2: Add the supplier’s details.

Entering the supplier data is the first thing you must do. This will contain the name, address, and any other pertinent contact information about the provider.

Step 3: Input the payment information.

You must then input the purchasing information. Together with the due date and invoice or receipt number, this will also include the date of the purchase. You must also identify which accounts, such as inventories or office supplies, the transaction belongs in.

Step 4: Insert any fees or taxes that are appropriate.

You must enter any applicable taxes or fees that are related to the purchase in the relevant sections. Depending on the data, your accounting software may do these calculations for you automatically.

Save the transaction in step five.

You can save the transaction after entering all the essential data. The purchase will subsequently be recorded in your general ledger by your accounting programme, which will also update your financial statements.


The simple process of entering purchase transactions into online accounting software may help firms manage their money more quickly and efficiently. You may make sure that your purchase transactions are documented truthfully and effectively by adhering to the above-described methods. Online accounting software may be a potent tool for organisations wishing to automate their accounting procedures since it gives you access to your financial data from any location with an internet connection.