Pakistan’s Best Inventory Management Software

Splendid Accounts offers Pakistan’s most promising inventory management system with robust and modern features. Choose Splendid Accounts for inventory stock management and run smooth business operations.

A powerful solution for inventory management 
designed for small businesses in Pakistan

Splendid Accounts inventory management software excels at seamless tracking, ensuring accurate stock control and efficient inventory management for your business. With Splendid Accounts, you can be reassured about the precision of your inventory control.

Efficient Sales Tracking:

Splendid Accounts’ inventory and sales management system ensures smart and excellent sales tracking. It utilizes modern technologies for inventory management to provide real-time live updates and perfect sales data.

Monitor sales and purchases:

Splendid Accounts’ inventory stock management system streamlines the monitoring of purchases and sales, ensuring precise and accurate transaction tracking.

Track Warehouse Items:

You can easily check and track warehouse items with Splendid Accounts’ robust inventory and sales management system, offering comprehensive software for inventory management to maintain optimal stock levels and perfect records.

Powerful Inventory Management:

Inventory management is successfully performed with Splendid Accounts’ advanced inventory stock management system, which provides top-tier functionalities to optimize stock control and decrease errors.

Smart Automation:

The smart automation feature in Splendid Accounts’ inventory stock management system improves performance. It integrates excellently with inventory and sales management system software for streamlined operations.

Centralized View:

Splendid Accounts offers a centralized view of your inventory and sales management system, with exhaustive inventory management software to oversee and control all stock-related activities.

Optimize your Inventory with Splendid Accounts

Group items and names
  • Use excellent SKUs for naming.
  • Categorize items with common attributes.
  • Easy to use and fast processing.
  • Simple Ui for time-saving.
Add accounts/users
  • Expand access as your business grows.
  • Invite users with email IDs.
  • Make and assign specific roles.
  • Set approval rights.
Customizable document templates
  • Sale Quotation
  • Sale Order
  • Sale Delivery
  • Sale Invoice
  • Sale Return
  • Purchase Order
  • POS